Geronimo Stilton, 4 mice deep in the Jungle

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This book tells the story of publisher Geronimo Stilton, the mouse facing his fears. Geronimo Went to a place called Rio Mosquito to conquer his fears. In the jungle, Geronimo encounters lots of scary stuff like snakes but proves that he is able to be not – a – scaredy mouse. Geronimo also gets lost with pretend ranger BB and finds his way back by climbing a tree.

I rank it as 4 stars, because it has a lot of pictures that have detail. It AIso has a good story especially for beginning readers and a medium paced story.

An impressive scenario is when Geronimo survived the jungle because surviving a harsh jungle with like 10 phobias is hard

On the other hand, it could be improved by being more complicated because the book itself is really simple.

A fun fact about this book is that it doesn’t tell you who it’s by.

If you want to read it, click this to buy from Amazon:

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