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This book tells the story of Elon Musk. He was a small child in a neighborhood in South Africa who eventually became the richest person in the world. He started out as the one always bullied at his school and his brother Kimbal was also a witness. He had a good mom and a brother and a sister to hang out with. His nickname was Genius Boy because one night, his sister was looking at the moon and said “Wow, that must be over a million miles away” and Elon told her that it was actually 238,900 miles. This moment made me very happy because it was funny.He soon went to Canada and eventually to the USA to graduate from Penn State. He decided to make a company called zip 2 which became PayPal, an online payment strategy. He started SpaceX which failed 3 times before even going to space and Tesla in which nobody believed in but still, he was successful and Tesla is now one of the biggest car companies ever.

I rank it as 4 stars. The book itself was great but I think that the words are a little packed in and it kinda gets boring at the end but overall, it’s a great book. I think that the book is fun but the part about starship was repetitive to all the other failed launches.

An impressive scenario is when SpaceX failed so many times when launching falcon 1, they kept going even when they only had money for one more launch, they went to orbit, In my opinion, Elon is a very persevering person.

On the other hand, it could improve by just making the end a little more interesting. I thought that maybe as they were talking about the Starship launch, it just went a little too fast-paced and then it just ended. Some ways they could make it better were if they added more pictures or more descriptions.

A fun fact about this book is that it is a recent book, and also, I think a fun fact is that there is actually a livestream on the Tesla Roadster in space.

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