The Wild Robot Escapes

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This book is actually a sequel to the award-winning book, The Wild Robot, which tells the story of a robot named Roz who lives in the wilderness on an island who learns how to be like an animal, and has a goose for her son. In this book (the sequel), Roz is transported to a farm to work there until he has to leave. Roz sneaks away with Brightbill (the goose) into the city, where she is captured and goes back to the island.

I rank it as 5 stars, because it has a great medium-paced story that combines technology and wilderness. I also like the very descriptive details and pictures.

An impressive scenario is when the children helped Roz escape because those children worked very hard for a robot.

On the other side, it could improve by being more fast-paced because it is kinda on the slow side.

A fun fact about this book is: that the prologue told the story of the farm manager being bummed by Roz running away.

If you want to read it, click this to buy from Amazon:

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