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This book tells the story of Ben Ripley and his science school, which is actually a spy school made by the CIA. Ben finds that the spy school is being attacked just as he gets in but it’s just a mock for new students. He quickly makes friends and finds a note that leads him to the library. In which Murray Hill, one of his friends, is a mole for an evil organization called SPYDER. Ben works with his friend, Erica Hale to try to defeat SPYDER. 

I rank it as 5 stars, because it has a very interesting plot and character. It also has a fun but also serious tone as well as a very fast-paced story.

On the other hand, it could improve by maybe having a slower pace.

A fun fact about this book is that it is a series book with many other books around the same plot. 

If you want to read it, click this to buy from Amazon:

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