The Life of Fred, Goldfish

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This book tells the story of 5 year old Fred who is a professor at KITTENS University. Fred and his doll, Kingie want a pet but they make a list of all the things they don’t want. There is one tiny problem, one of the rules is that they need something that doesn’t breathe. Then, they get a piece of mail saying that a pet store has opened on Lizard Lane. Fred walks there, doing lots of math. Fred gets there, buys a fish and goes to the mall to buy a tank and fill it.

 I rank it as 4 stars, because it has a very interesting story. It also has a very fantastic setting and character. One reason it’s not 5 stars is because it has a lot of math and it’s a math book.

On the other hand, it could be improved by having less math.

A fun fact about this book is that Fred is a 5 year old but he is a professor at the best university teaching 1st grade math. (Or easy math at least.)

If you want to read it, click this to buy from Amazon:

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