Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

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This book tells the story of Charlie Bucket and his family who are very poor but like Mr Willy Wonka’s chocolate very much. Charlie accidentally gets a gold ticket to go on a tour of the fabulous factory in which he immediately accepts. After all the other people are lost in various ways throughout the tour, Charlie seems to be the only one so he is awarded the whole factory.

 I rank it as 4 stars, because it is an amazing story with loads of details. It is also a fast – paced book but not too fast. It also has great and abstract pictures to help readers understand. 

On the other hand, it could improve by having pictures that are more understandable. I may find them interesting but some readers that like realistic pictures think that they are really scribbley (that’s not a real word).

A fun fact about this book is : the book also has a movie but always read the book before you watch the movie so yeah.

If you want to read it, click this to buy from Amazon:

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