Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library

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This book tells the story about a 7th grader in Alexanderville, Ohio named Kyle. Kyle’s town just so happens to have a new library invented by genius gamemaker, Mr Lemoncello. Mr Lemoncello creates a competition in the library in which Kyle and his friends join. Meanwhile, his enemy, Charles Chitlington also enters and he believes that he will win just because his family is rich, his uncle is a librarian for the president, and because his family motto is “Chitlingtons never lose.”

I rank it as 4 and a half stars, because it has many fun book facts and it also includes sci – fi technology like the wonder dome and the motion – sensing VR games.

On the other hand, it could improve by being more slow – paced because it’s kind of a really fast paced pook because of all the clues.

A fun fact about this book is : that one of the characters is very different in different settings. They act really nice in some places but mean in others. Can you guess? Charles Chitlington. Charles acts really nice around adults but when he is around Kyle or his friends or other kids, he acts really annoying and mean.

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